Duck Eggs: Cooking Skills, Quack-tivated

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I’ve been generally subpar at cooking since the Boiling Water Incident of 2001. (The incident where, you know, I, like, couldn’t figure out how to do it.)

Note: “Subpar” is not to be confused with “below par,” which is actually a good thing – and, like boiling water, is also an achievement unfamiliar to me. So, in an actual golf analogy, my cooking skills would be triple-bogey at best. And my golf skills are way worse than that.

"I'm Ted Baxter." #MTMReference

I’ve found, however, that eggs are fairly screw-proof. Once I figured out how to boil water and work the timer, a whole new world of egg preparation (ie hard-boiled, poached and…submerged?) opened up to me. After that, I grad’jated from OU (Omelet University – go Chalazaes!) and I’ve been on the Hi (not to be confused with “High”) Cholesterol Highway ever since.

One complaint, however: I have always had a strained relationship with chicken egg yolks. Witness the worst day of my life:

Literally - worst day EVER.

Then, a year ago, while visiting Kansas City, I ran across some duck eggs. I was hooked. They’re more dense, rich-tasting, and yolk-y than a chicken egg. And the yolks seem more hardy – they can take all the abuse my ten thumbs can dish out. And they are BEAUTIFUL.

The REAL Easter Eggs...laid by pastured ducks! (The colors are natural - beautiful, huh?)

I didn’t have a good local-ish source of pastured duck eggs “out East” until The Paleo Drummer alerted me to this article onĀ Gull Cottage. I was able to procure some of this lovingly-raised deliciousness from two of the sweetest people on the planet.

Koo-Koo-Ka CHAAH! #ADReference

So here’s the thing: I’m trusting you, reader, to tell NOBODY about the revelation that is pastured duck eggs. Why? Because, at this point, simply subbing duck eggs for chicken eggs has added a whole new level of Awesome to every dish I’ve served. And, if you’re a giant pants-on-fire-liar-by-omission-er as I am, you can just pretend everything is chicken-egg-normal, and that your finesse with the standard chicken egg far surpasses that of any other Cave Wife in the entire world.

Which do you prefer – chicken eggs or duck eggs? Or is there some other exotic egg I simply must try?



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  1. Whatever’s fresh at the market. We particularly loved goose eggs when we got them, but I love duck too. I could eat eggs every meal – even when the yolks get broke!

    p.s. I heart you

  2. I am curious, with the chicken eggs were they 1. cold and 2. store bought? The yolk membrane on chickens eggs tend to be thinner than duck eggs and the temperature and age makes a huge difference. I would say try turkey eggs too some time but that duck eggs are wonderful and should one give into SAD baking ( as I must time to time) the duck eggs make the BEST cakes due to their richness.

  3. Emu eggs. You need a hammer and chisel to open them!!! What could be more lovely on a Saturday morning???

  4. I get duck eggs all the time! So tasty. I like them equally to chicken eggs. Tried an ostrich egg in NZL, but it was off so I couldn’t eat it…

    They started stocking goose eggs that look tasty I might try at my local awesome grocery.

  5. I like how you write. It’s funny. Like the way I write.

    Try cracking your eggs on a flat hard table, instead of using the side of your pan. It leaves a nice indent and long crack, so you can insert one thumb, pull apart, and voila! Intact yolks!

  6. They are beautiful! Do you think they would be a better alternative for chicken eggs for j? My in laws raise chickens and they get some gorgeous eggs too. Maybe in our next house we will get some birds.

  7. I love both – but Duck are especially useful in a few ways – the yolks make glorious fermented mayo.
    And since duck eggs are more stretchy, gooey – they are great for holding stuff together without gluten – like meatloaf, crustless quiche, muffins, etc…

    I love them hardboiled and “pickled” – not my favorite for poached…tend to be a little tougher when poached for the white part…

    I’ve tried goose, quail and peacock – not a whole lot of difference in flavor – those emu eggs sure are pretty though!


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