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I am OVERWHELMED by the support you all gave this post and Steve’s Club National Program! Thank you so much – it means the world. Winner has been chosen (Amy R.) and giveaway is now closed!

I’m sitting in my  home office with the window slightly open, and the most delightfully chilly fall breeze is ushering that perfect autumn smell of burning leaves (yes, I LOVE that smell) into the room. I’ve got fresh apples from Terhune Orchards ready to sauté with butter and cinnamon for a treat tonight. I haven’t taken my Mountain Hardware “Monkey” fleece off for days.

(I haven’t washed my hair for days either, but that’s not just ’cause I’m a lazy married gave girl – it’s ’cause I’m No Poo!)

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The beautiful change of seasons, the crisp, cool air, and smooching duck-shaped ornamental gourds makes me happier than a Paul Rudd movie marathon.

But the best thing about fall is most definitely the fall noms from Steve’s Original PaleoGoods. I love Steve’s Original, not only because their products are super-clean, portable, and ridiculously delicious, but because sales support a cause I’m involved with – Steve’s Club National Program. Steve’s Club provides fitness training, mentorship and nutritional guidance (my role) to at-risk youth.

The program began in Camden, NJ – ranked as one of the FBI’s most dangerous cities in the nation many years runnning. These youth live in very difficult environments, and Steve’s Club gives them a place to succeed.

Watch this video from our annual fundraiser to see what Steve’s Club is all about. It’s truly amazing.

In support of Steve’s Club, I’m hosting a fall giveaway of some of my favorite offerings from Steve’s PaleoGoods!

All you have to do is WATCH THE VIDEO (on your honor) and LEAVE A COMMENT (on this post) TELLING ME YOU DID before 11:59 PM ET TOMORROW (Friday, Oct 26)!

An extra THANK YOU if you’re able to take a moment to share this post on your own blog, twitter or facebook page to spread the word about Steve’s Club. 

One commenter will be selected to win a gift pack of one Apple Pie PaleoKit, one Grass-fed PaleoStix, one Grass-fed Just Jerky, one Cinnamon Krunch, one Pumpkin Spice PaleoKrunch bar, and one Apple Pie PaleoKrunch! All are totally gluten, grain, soy and dairy free and incredibly delicious!

Again, all you have to do is WATCH THE VIDEO (on your honor) and LEAVE A COMMENT (on this post) TELLING ME YOU DID before 11:59 PM ET TOMORROW (Friday, Oct 26)!

An extra THANK YOU if you’re able to take a moment to share this post on your own blog, twitter or facebook page to spread the word about Steve’s Club. 

Thanks for reading, and for your support!


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  1. Oh man…those look yummy! Thanks for sharing the video!

  2. I watched the video.

  3. Beautiful video :). I’ve always seen paleo kits and wanted to try!

  4. Marianne P. says:

    Watched the video – great program!

  5. Stacy Francis says:

    I watched the video!!

  6. I love everything they stand for! Thanks for sharing the video! I loved it!

  7. I love the shirt the guy wears “Will WOD for Paleokits” I love crossfit shirts! :-)

  8. james afto says:

    watched. thanks for doing..

  9. Watched the video.. very inspiring! :)

  10. Steve is such an amazing person! I get so emotional during these videos! Great job Steve’s Club, keep inspiring!

  11. Watched the video, good stuff!

  12. Watched it. Awesome, Thanks for sharing!

  13. Loved the video! Now I know what the program is all about and hearing Dan’s story a little bit :)

  14. Watched the video-sounds like a great program.

  15. This is an incredibly inspiring video! Thanks for sharing with all of us <3

  16. Anne Lemieux says:

    Great program, great video!

  17. I’m from NJ and I fully support what Steve is doing! Awesome article! Thanks for sharing the vid!

  18. Very inspiring video.

  19. christopher sorel says:

    great work with the kids which is what matters. I live through my son in hockey and coaching his team. Love to win some of these to share with the boys what a real snack is after a good workout.

  20. Watched the video! Inspirational! Thank you!

  21. Watched and ANXIOUSLY awaiting… ;)

  22. Mandolin O says:

    Very inspirational and well-edited!

  23. Great to see the good Steve’s Club does! Love the products and happy to support

  24. Wow! That’s awesome! I watched the video :)

  25. Awesome!

  26. Kent Cowgill says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, I watched it – sounds like a great program! Would love to see something like that get going in Chicago.

  27. That was an incredibly inspiring video. There should be more programs out there like Steve’s to really “beat the streets.” I’d love to see something similar here in Chicago, where crime is a huge issue.

  28. Laura McKeown says:

    I worked with at risk youth for 15 years…What a GREAT Program I wish there were more of these kind of Programs!! Yes I watched this Video!

  29. Watched the video and so motivating. I have tried some of the paleo kits, but want to try more!

  30. My husband is getting deployed right now and I’m so super excited that one of his buddies is a CrossFit trainer and he gets to do it with me, even though we’re not together. I LOVE the CrossFit community and I have never been more on track with my fitness. This is our new way of life. I can’t wait for my husband to get back so we can do it together!!
    This video is really inspirational. I’m originally from Jersey, so it’s really nice to see the kids coming off the streets and doing something meaningful with thier lives!!

  31. Great video! Glad the program exists. While I would love to win the giveaway, I decided to go ahead and buy the pumkin crunch bar and some grass-fed paleokits to try out anyway. My kid is asking for some Clif bar something or another based on soy isolate. Need a better option!

  32. That vid was great!! I shared on my fb page. Will talk to one of the coaches to see why…why they arent doing this. Steve’s club… awesome idea!

  33. Christina C says:

    Very inspiring!

  34. Watched and loved the Video. It takes someone very commited to kids to do what Steve is doing. I love that the kids in his program get what Heatly is and that there is a better way to life. These kids will do great things. Healthy Body / Healty Mind.. it works. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Alisa O'Riley says:

    I watched the video–love this organization! I will also repost :).

  36. Watched it!

  37. Sue Sweeney says:

    This is a great thing you guys are doing!

  38. Love your smoochie gourd picture and all that you do to help Steve’s Club:) Products are great and it would be a serious bonus to win…not gonna happen but a girl can dream.

  39. I did, I did. And it was inspirational, motivating and exciting! Great job with this program!

  40. Mandy Hendricks says:

    I watched the video. Very inspiring!! I love PaleoKits!!!

  41. What a truly inspiring video, on several levels. it is great to see people sharing their stories and struggles with each other. programs like this are what can really change the world.

  42. Great program!!! (and I watched the video)

  43. Colleen Adkins says:

    What a fantastic program! Great video.

  44. Heather Ray says:

    Watched the video…truly awesome

  45. Amy Roberts says:

    watched the video….I loved the part where the guy said he wouldn’t be able to put his pants on cause he couldn’t feel his arms :) What a great program!!!!!

  46. Lynette Paterik says:

    WATCHED THE VIDEO! Oh man I would love to win a PALEO KIT!! Nom Nom!

  47. Watched the video, ty!

  48. I watched the video. It reinforced why I’ll be buying.

  49. I watched, I shared – every time I watch a video about Steve’s Club it makes me want to help out even more.

  50. Having grown up on New Jersey myself, I can truly appreciate a program like this!

  51. Victoria Savo says:

    Watched the video! Such an amazing fundraiser!

  52. Christina Edwards says:

    Video watched!

  53. Watched the video. Great cause happy to spread the word.

  54. Watched the video very inspiring thanks for sharing!

  55. I watched the video!

  56. A great organization and product !!!

  57. I watched the video. Wow — what a cool and inspiring program! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Ashley U. says:

    Watched video. What a great thing to do. They need programs like that everywhere.

  59. I watched it! I wish more communities would do such a thing.

  60. This is a great program! I’m all about anything that keeps kids active and out of trouble!

    I’ve never heard of Paleokits, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give them a try!

  61. I DID IT! :D

  62. Valerie B. says:

    Watched the video and still smiling ear to ear. YAY STEVE’S CLUB!

    • Valerie B. says:

      I was trying to find a Steve’s Club tee shirt. Not seeing them in stock. Do you know if they’re for sale anywhere?

  63. Awesome video for an even better cause! Thanks for all your hard work with Steves club

  64. That video is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing it! I wish CrossFit had been around (or I had known about it) when I was a kid.

  65. I watched it! I’m poor! Feed me some delicious treats!! =)

  66. This was an awesome video!! I think anything to help kids stay off the streets is an amazing program!!! Thanks for what you do!!!

  67. I watched the video, and love Steve’s. As a NJ resident, I believe in keeping neighborhoods safe for kids and providing safe, healthy environments for recreation

  68. Thanks for sharing!

  69. Denise Zapf says:

    I watched the video. Awesome work being done. I would love to win the treats…thanks for doing this.

  70. That is just so awesome. Great video.

  71. Christina D. says:

    Watched the video. So many smiling faces! :-)

  72. Lisa Hitchcock says:

    LOVED the video! What a great organization. Looked like everyone was having a great time. Thanks for sharing. :)

  73. This video is extremely inspirational! It’s amazing what a good role model can do to change someone’s life.

    Also, I live in Philly and am wondering if there is something like this at the Center City or Novem Crossfit locations in the city. If not, it’d be awesome to see it get started up!

  74. Love the video, love PaleoKits, love Steve’s Club, love your blog…feel the Paleo love!

  75. Thanks for sharing! So inspiring! I’m a naturopathic medical student in Portland, OR and I just convinced our college book store to get Steve’s Original to have as snacks. It’s awesome that we have something healthy that supports such a great cause! Before there wasn’t much I could eat if I forgot my lunch. Thank you, Steve’s!!!

  76. I watched the video. It’s awesome to see the kids work so hard…and yes, yummy treats :)

  77. Great video.

  78. I really did watch the video!

  79. Watched it – What a great program!

  80. shannon Weiland says:

    Great video! Great work Steve’s Club!

  81. Watched. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Great organization…the video made me smile :)

  83. Wow, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

  84. It made me teary! So cool :)

  85. Watched it & hope I win!

  86. Watched and Shared. Great Food, Great Cause.

  87. Brooke Carlock says:

    Watched the video, it was so inspirational!

  88. OH MAH GAWSH. I have been wanting to try these since my gluten-free tummy made the full transformation to a Paleo-tummy! Pick me! Pick me! (Also, the video was rad).

  89. Sara Grambusch says:

    Watched the video. What a great organization. I haven’t had a chance to try their products yet!

  90. Such an inspiring video, especially since I’m leaving work soon to head to CrossFit!! Couldn’t ask for a better way to get pumped up. And Yes, the giveaway from Steve’s original looks Awwwesome, will definitely tweet out your video too. Thanks!

  91. Loved the Video, this is such a worthy cause. We need to do more for today’s youth. I love all the products I have tried. They are wonderful!!!!

  92. Paula Tripodi says:

    Loved the video. Getting physically fit is important and a great feeling, but what it’s really all about is finding the focus and confidence we all have inside us, to change our selves and our lives from within, no matter what anyone else tells us. Steve’s Club rocks!

  93. Randy Tognoni says:

    That was a great video. Beat the streets!

  94. I watched it. Thanks for sharing.

  95. watched the video! fingers crossed that I win! I was just about to place an order for their apple pie kits, too….

  96. I watched it!

  97. Watched it, loved it, love jerky, the end.

  98. I watched the video. Steve’s Club is a very worthwhile program and worthy cause.

  99. What a cool video to show the message and purpose of Steve’s Club! I’m a total fan of only a few short weeks. I was looking for some portable paleo snack to always have on hand. I LOVE the paleo coconut packs, the paleo sticks, the new apple pie kit is AMAZING! I posted a link to Steve’s Club on my box’s fb page for the WLC challenge. Keep up the great work.

  100. Great video! So inspiring!

  101. Sarah Bayless says:

    I watched it. Programs to help self exploration that is healthy, builds strong relationships and role models is an awesome thing.

  102. thanks for sharing, liz! great video!

  103. Loved the video! so inspiring!

  104. I love Steve’s Club! and have always wanted to try PaleoKits… Thanks for sharing the video… I will definitely share this with others.

  105. Jona Christoe says:

    I watched the video. This seems like a really good idea for young people who want connections to other people trying to better themselves.
    I’ve been primal for the past 4 months and hope to be the winner of this great package. I’m excited to try the products! I began the primal lifestyle to get healthier. Since beginning I have lost about 30 lbs. have increased my strength and stamina, my joints and back feel better and I no longer get regular headaches (unless I cheat with processed sugar). Who knew…

  106. Watched the video! It was great. I love paleo kits so much, I took them to London with me on vacation!

  107. So inspiring! It’s awesome what he’s doing! I obviously watched the video. ;)

  108. Wow! I’ve heard you talk about Steve’s CLub on your podcast, but didn’t really know what it was all about. This video sure explained it all. What great work you are all doing…. I’ve also heard you talk about Paleo Kits and haven’t tried them yet. Would love to – especially if they are free!!! Thanks for all you do!

  109. What a powerful video! I got goosebumps watching it – it’s amazing to me the many ways that Crossfit is changing lives. I am so grateful to have found it, and to be part of such an amazing movement. Love this, thanks for sharing the video!

  110. Watched! Super excited about the fall-themed PaleoKit goodies!

  111. Sheila H. says:

    Watched! Excellent! :-)

  112. I watched the video. It made me cry. You guys are amazing.

  113. Always love seeing things about Steve’s Club! What a fantastic vision!

  114. The real life experiences definitely tug at the heartstrings! This is a great cause and I hope they continue to do wonders for these young individuals.

  115. Heather Brandt says:

    I watched the video! Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  116. StephanieGG says:

    Watched the video. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Talk about making a difference in a community!!! I’m glad to see that he has changed lives and that the teens recognize that their choice is to be in a healthy lifestyle than on the streets..

  118. Ryan Bohan says:

    Thank you for the video, Steve’s club is great all around

  119. Stephanie says:

    I watched the video and really want to try Crossfit!

    Also when I have some time off, I want to try No ‘Poo!

  120. Watched the video – so inspiring.

    All of these items are on my list of things to try so it would be awesome to win them!

  121. Sarah Neff says:

    I watched the video! Good stuff!

  122. JacquelineB says:

    Watched the video, Its great to see what buying from Steves Original can go a do. I have 3 teenage boys myself that would love to have had a program like this around for them.

  123. i watched!! awesome stuff.

  124. Thanks for the opportunity! Love the products and how great the kits are for traveling! Thanks for sharing the video.

  125. Incredible! I watched the video – I work for a Boys & Girls Club organization in Hawaii – Steve’s Club would be a great fitness partnership with BGCA. I know our kids would love this!

    Thanks for sharing.

  126. shannon Weiland says:

    Great Video!

  127. Outstanding video. I’ve read about Steve’s Club before but the video makes it so much more real. Thanks for sharing.

  128. How inspiring! My hubby and I love Steve’s Paleo kits!

  129. Love it. I’d like to get involved with this.

  130. I watched the video! I’d love to try Paleo Kits!

  131. Christine says:

    Thank you. Working with kids is the best thing any of us can ever do. Keep up the amazing work. Change lives for a better world.

  132. watched it, thank you!

  133. Watched it! I love Steve’s Club’s food and I LOVE the organization as a whole!

  134. Wow, what an amazing program. Thanks for sharing the video. I loved it.

  135. reluctantmango says:

    Watched! Loved! Kids are the best investment around :)

  136. I watched it!

  137. Tina Lindsey says:

    Loved the video! Great program! Paleo kits are amazing!!

  138. Great video. I love seeing Steve’s club in action!!!

  139. Rachele Gabriel says:

    Man I’m such a sap, tearing up watching the video, what a great cause!

  140. Got it watched. Awesome

  141. Awesome video – I just love what the organization stands for! Would love to try some fall flavored freebies :-)

  142. Nice video! I love what they are doing for those kids!

  143. Thank you! That video has inspired me to kick it at the gym again… I think my bod has recovered long enough :)

  144. awesome video!

  145. I watched, and I loved.

  146. Watched the video…what an amazing organization! And what tasty looking treats – would love to try!

  147. Watched it! Tomorrow is my birthday…care to give me a present? ;)

  148. Heather SD says:

    GREAT video! Thanks for sharing. I love what Steve’s Club is doing… keep it up! =)

  149. Great share! Can’t wait to see how I can get involved. Such a wonderful program.

  150. watched the video :)

  151. I watched it. it was great

  152. Watched it! Thanks!

  153. Watched it. Seems like a great program!

  154. What a great video, and what a wonderful cause. I’ve ordered PaleoKits from Steve’s Original before – delicious! The perfect thing for a giveaway :)

  155. Very inspiring. Makes me want to keep buying from Steve.

  156. Watched the video, I love the message of Steve’s Club and am a big fan of the products as well.

  157. Thank you so much for sharing that video!

  158. Watched the video. Wow! What an incredible program!

    Watched the video! I wish there was something around where I live like that for the kids!

  160. Kristin S says:

    Super inspiring video! Thanks for sharing!

  161. Aww, this video got me a little teary-eyed! Great cause and great giveaway. Thanks!

  162. What a great group of kids. Worth sharing even without the giveaway

  163. Kim Bryant says:

    Totally inspiring! Thank you.

  164. Justin Carney says:

    Watch. Loves Steve’s (esp Krunch bars) and everything it stands for.

  165. What an amazing video. That truly touched my heart – as a trainer, it is so amazing to see something that I have a passion for be so much more than just “fitness”for someone. Quite a change on the phrase “life changing.”



  167. Done and Done!!

  168. Watched and retweeted!

  169. Watched the video! Wow! And I’ve been wanting to try the PaleoKits!!

  170. Watched the video, its a great thing they are doing to help others, its a great program! Helping the youth see that they can have a greater better future!

  171. Watched it! But I’m allergic to cinnamon! :(

  172. Fingers crossed! So far Steve’s paleo kits have been out of price range for my pocket book – but hopefully I can win and finally get to try some!

  173. Great video!

  174. Awesome vid!! Mega inspiring, not to mention MOTIVATING!! CrossFit here I come!! Thanks for sharing the video =D!

  175. I’ll be honest here and say I’d never heard of CrossFit until I moved to the U.S last year. Although I don’t CrossFit myself I still do applaud what Steve’s Club is doing for these young kids (and yes I watched the video).

    I do follow a Paleo lifestyle though and would LOVE to win one of these packs, especially since I work part-time at a cooking school and would love to have these on hand to snack on during breaks instead of being tempted to eat the food there.

  176. awesome video, cool that paleokits help support such a great program

  177. Just watched the video Liz, such an awesome programme, we need something like this on this side of the Atlantic (I live in Northern Ireland). Amazing giveaway and love that PaleoKits can support this.

  178. Great video! The prize looks delish :)

  179. I watched the video. I love watching kids get into CrossFit and learn how to eat right:)

  180. Steve and his program are a great inspiration! Can’t wait to try his products and support the cause

  181. Tiffany A. says:

    Great video! I work at a local high school and I wish we had something like this where I live. They are doing a great thing for these at-risk children.

  182. I watched it! Very inspiring.

  183. WOW! Great video! I Love Paleokits :)

  184. Done!

  185. I had to jump through hoops to watch the video! I can’t watch it on my home computer because it has decided to stop showing me videos. I can’t watch it on my work computer because they don’t allow it. I finally managed to watch it on my phone!

  186. Great video, Steves Club is doing great things!

  187. Watched! Good stuff

  188. Kelly Burgess says:

    I watched the video; taking personal responsibility for our health is the first step in change for the better.

  189. Watched! :)

  190. Watched the video. Lots of energy there!

  191. I watched the video. Great video and such a wonderful program!!

  192. Sherri Weymouth says:

    Watched. Loved. I would totally WOD for Paleokits! LOL!

  193. Ann Wilson says:

    I watched it! Awesome program using crossfit. Such a healthy thing!

  194. Watched the video. What a great cause.

  195. I watched the video. Very inspiring!

  196. That was an awesome video!! I loved it! :)

  197. Watched the video-amazing cause!

  198. Watched the video, great program, need more of them around the Country.

  199. Deidre Skrudland says:

    Great video… also loving your podcasts with Tina for Balanced Bites!!

  200. Jason Manheim says:

    Did I make the deadline? Hello? Where is everybody?

    Video has been watched. Awaiting tasty treats. :D

  201. Jacqueline G says:

    Very inspiring. Glad to have found your site as I debate sticking with this paleo way of life once I complete my Whole30 program. Thanks for the giveaway. Win or not, I’m definitely checking out Steve’s Original.

  202. I have watched the video. I love Steve and his club!

  203. So moving – those kids (young men) are awesome! What a great program to be a part of :)

  204. I watched the video. Thanks for sharing, it looks like a great program!

  205. Ann Fordock says:

    watched. thank you.

  206. So inspirational. I wish there were more programs like this out there. Not only does it get troubled kids on a positive path, it instills the importance of physical activity. I can’t think of a better way to teach the youth solidarity and a sense of belonging!

  207. Great video, always wanted to try Steve’s Paleo Kits! We shared this post on our fb fan page :)

  208. Awesome program and its so close to me!

    I love the jerky!!! I need to get more!!


    PS yes watched the video

  209. Great video! Thanks for posting.

  210. keirsten m says:

    Thanks for the video! Watched it!

  211. For sharing!!! ;)

  212. Great way to give back to the community. Kudos to Steves Club!

  213. Fantastic video!!! So great that the Crossfit community is recognizing and reaching out to the at-risk youth.

  214. Done! What a wonderful program :) I just bought 2 “paleochef” t-shirts from the company because I’m a paleo chef!

  215. Diane in Wisconsin says:

    Beat the Street/s sounds like a wonderful program.

  216. Awesome! Gotta love Steve’s Club and Steve’s Paleo Kits!!!

  217. Watched the video. Steve’s club is great. That area can use all the help it can get and crossfit seems to be motivating the kids.

  218. I am deaf and was not able to watch the vedio with closed captioned. However I did watch the whole vedio! Action speaks louder than words! Motivational. It was great seeing youth working out along with adults!! Thanks for sharing. (Maybe consider closed captioning in the future ??)

  219. Johannie San Miguel says:

    So amazing to have people dedicating their talents investing in our nation’s future. Keep it up. From a soldier in Texas

  220. Pretty dang awesome program! And I covet those striped socks. :P

  221. I watched the video! Such a great program!

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