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Giveaway is CLOSED and winner has been notified!
Congratulations Aimee M!

Wowza! With fronds like these, who needs anemones?

(Little Nemo for your Friday mornin’)

Your response to the Spring eBook Bundle has been incredible! The feedback I’ve gotten on my Skintervention Guide, which is included in the bundle (along with 29 other eBooks, including others filled with skin-healing, natural, non-toxic body and home-care wisdom) has been incredibly gratifying.

“So excited about what is in store!  I’m on page 55 of the book and am loving it!  I don’t want to put it down, but considering it’s 11pm and I just came to the section titled “Beauty Rest” I’m thinking you are telling me something that I should listen to and pick up this chapter tomorrow…” -Jill

“I cannot begin to say how this guide is EXACTLY what I needed.” -Clare

“We live on a fixed income so it’s not easy being able to afford to buy the books to learn and the supplies that we don’t have, that’s why bundles such as these are pretty awesome….my oldest daughter and I have been wanting this book since we came across it a few months ago.” -Faith

I’m so glad I submitted my book to the bundle. And THANK YOU for your kind feedback.

One particular bit of feedback on my work with the Skintervention Guide came before this bundle, and it was from a friend, Sarah, who had this to say (best phrasing EVER):

“Skintervention opened my eyes to a big slap in the face.”

Sarah was so inspired by the information that SHE STARTED HER OWN COMPANY! Sarah and her man, Pete, create one of the most luxurious, healing balms I’ve ever used. It’s made from grass-fed beef tallow, Kasandrinos Olive Oil, and essential oils.



I want to keep spreading the word about the Bundle, as well as the Skintervention Guide and this amazing company, but I know not everyone’s “ready to buy.” So whether you own the Bundle or not, let’s spread the word WHILE givin’ out something for free!

Real. is partnering with me to GIVE AWAY one jar of their fabulous balm, and one lip balm!

I have both (see picture below) and they’re amazing. (I don’t normally keep them in the grass, but that’s the crappy photographer in me. “Ohh, grass and an iPhone! ART!“)


Here’s what you need to do to win: Just share this post! Share it to facebook, twitter, and/or through email. I don’t care. Just share!

If you’re sharing through Twitter, you can click here.
If you’re sharing through Facebook or email, you can copy & share this link: http://bit.ly/RealTallowBalm

Then, leave a comment below telling me you did. You’re on your honor!

Winner will be selected via Random.org on April 24 (EXTENDED from April 23), 12PM ET, and notified via email.
3, 2, 1…Go!

Giveaway is CLOSED and winner has been notified! 
Congratulations Aimee M!


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