Price, People and Pigs. (And an anti-Skinny-Bitch pitch)

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Here’s what I’m talking about today: myself (surpriiise!), the Weston A. Price Foundation Conference, and a few other things that have happened lately. Like, I dunno, HOLY SARDINES I WROTE A BOOK.

I’m generally a woman of many words and few pictures. That might have something to do with the fact that I’m a crappy photographer but GREAT at running my mouth.

I’m also a pretty bad cook…which all just makes me wonder howwww did I become a food(ish-type) blogger? (Ha! Joke’s on you!)

On a related note, I am feeling pretty dang blessed these days. I realized that I’ve made up for my own shortcomings by forcing very awesome people – who are both great at pictures and great at cooking – to be my friends. In the last month of nonstop travel (NJ to PA to KS to AZ to CA to CO to KS), I’ve been able to spend time with The Food Lovers (Hayley and Bill), Diane “D-Sizzle” Sanfilippo (my Balanced Bites Podcast PIC), Michelle (and Henry, and O-squared) of Nom Nom Paleo, and Juli of PaleOMG, among others. (My time with Juli was in Colorado, where I delivered a nutrition chat at the Air Force Academy. Yep, they let me do that. On purpose. More on that in the next post.)

Here are some things I think about those people:

  • Hayley and Bill are the most attractive couple on the planet.
  • Diane has the best bangs of any person on the planet. (Hold on. I’ll show you in a sec.)
  • The Nom Noms are the most kick-ass family on the planet.
  • JuliOMG is the winner of every prize on the planet. (I’m serious. Coolest lunch date, most hilarious blogger, and best obscure 80′s movie reference rememberer.) And yes, I said “JuliOMG” on purpose.

These aren’t the only people I reaffirmed my creepy obsession with love for over the last few weeks. I was so excited to have dinner with three tables-full (tablefulls?) of Real Food trailblazers at the WAP Conference. My third year attending this shindig and it was the most Paleo-heavy yet. Here is a photo mash-up from Laura. Diane’s bangs are in there too. I’m the one in the pink shirt pretending to NOT be an idiot. Except for the top-left corner. That one I’m actually being myself.

And instead of making conversation with these extraordinary humans, I stared with my mouth agape (agape, I tell you!) and tested the panoramic setting on my iPhone 4.

Here are a few of the people I agape-d at: Laura of Ancestralize Me. Stefani Ruper of Paleo for Women. Chris Masterjohn, PhD (aka Dr. J or Jam MasterJ). Chris Kresser. Diane. Steve of SCDLifestyle. Hayley. Bill. Ben. Sophia. The Lazy Caveman. It’s midnight (5 hours past bedtime) so I’m going to quit there. Holla and I’ll add you.


And then, Siri and I got in a fight. I miss my flip phone.



Next: I want everyone to know that I swept the “Most Awkward” prize category (sorry, Juli) when I stared at Nom Nom for five minutes and then said “I liiike you.” If you’ve seen A Christmas Story, think of the kid Ralphie has to stand in line with to see Santa. Not Randy, but the kid with the gizmo hat on who says “I liiike Santa Claus.” That was how it came out.

Can’t see the video? Try here

Yet Michelle (Nom Nom:Michelle::Superman:Clark Kent) treated me as if I was a totally normal person. She is one of my heroes. And this weekend was full of those. I learned, ate, and awkward-ed my face off alongside some people I’m grateful to know. I ate fish eggs with my friends. All things I like doing.


The Weston A. Price conference is phenomenal. If you’ve listened to the Balanced Bites Podcast or been around me for awhile, you know I dig their dirt. I dig traditional foods, organ meats, cod liver oil and PhDs. And learning from said PhDs. And having one of said PhDs pose with the Polyface pig picture I won at the silent auction.


How cool is that? I wanna eat them. (The pigs, not the PhDs.)

The one thing I didn’t get the chance to do during the conference was work on the “soundbite” for my book, Modern Cave Girl. I still can’t believe I’m really going to be published. (“My name in PRINT! …things are going to start happening to me NOW.“)* Here’s my elevator pitch so far:

“This book proves that every word of Skinny Bitch was off-the-farm, out-of-your-gourd bonkers. Don’t read that book. It will make you dumber. Read this book. It will make you eat pork belly.” 

Thoughts? Too subtle?

* * *

*first one to name that quote, gets an advance copy of my book when it comes out!

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  1. Gayle Brown says:

    Steve Martin (as Navin R. Johnson) in The Jerk. There isn’t anything you can’t google these days.

  2. Congrats on the book!!! Don’t forget that there are people that admire you, that would gladly “blank stare” at you over dinner.

    Steve Martin, The Jerk

  3. I already loved reading your blog and then you went and quoted my most favorite movie of all time. You are awesome! And being in print with a book is way better than being in the phonebook. Do they even print those now? :) I didn’t have to Google it. Please stay away from the cans.

    I will be smiling all day at work now. Thanks!

  4. I super heart your elevator pitch. It made me snort. Therefore, it’s perfect.

  5. Dammit, I named that quote in my head BEFORE YOU EVEN SAID IT.
    Also, I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a cardboard cutout of me that you carried around at the conference this year. Really? Where’s the love?

  6. charity dasenbrock says:

    I didn’t meet you at the conference but I love that the Paleo community was there in force and representing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. As far as your elevator pitch, I’d suggest saying ‘bacon’ instead of ‘pork belly’. The type of people that would read skinny bitch are ones that would be quickly put off by the thought of biting into the belly of a pig.

  8. Sara Grambusch says:

    Dyyyying for your book. Chris Kresser is writing a book right now too and you guys are just torturing me! I want inside your minds!

  9. Already preordered it. Looking forward to it!

  10. OMG! I love you and all you do. I would totally be awkward around all my heroes too. Oh well. I cannot wait to get your book; you are amazing and full of awesomeness. Go Liz Go!

  11. Stephanie J. says:

    OMGlitter! I wish this Oklahoma girl could explain to you how excited I am for your book! I’m also super pumped for being introduced to you, your wit, etc.! You and Diane make my days so much better because of your fabulous podcasts. I’ve been doing a lot of research on NTA, so I can become and NTP– currently I’m a nutritionist at a popular health food store chain! I use my not so “small mouth” to tell everyone about your wonderful blog, Paleo/Primal living, the podcast, WAP, etc. Okay enough from me, but I hope to officially meet you one of these days at some conference, airport, or while hunting and gathering.

    Rock Chalk!

    From your Cowgirl friend ;),

  12. Congrats!!!! I love the cover of the book.

  13. Rock on sister!! Congratulations on the book. I seriously can’t wait to read it…..I am anticipating Tina Fey meets Sally Fallon (= one hawt baby).
    You are awesome and an inspiration.


  14. I like you, too! Happy Turkey Day!

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